Training for Humans

Work On Yourself!  Your Horse Will Love You For It.

How will this affect my relationship with my horse?

  • Meditation helps you slow down & tune into your intuition.

    Horses love meditation!  Learn grounding exercises and easy meditations so that you and your horse can practice them together.

  • Practicing yoga helps you to develop stress-resilience in your daily life as well as physical strength.

  • When you learn to practice kindness toward yourself, you will be more able to extend kindness toward others, including your horse.

  • Tapping (EFT) can greatly change your attitude and view on things

Your relationship with your horse is just like any other relationship in your life.  The more you work on yourself, the more your relationship can blossom and bloom.

By incorporating some of these easy mindfulness practices into your life, you will be able to approach your horse feeling more grounded, less stress, less anxiety, more confidence, more joy, more resilience, more strength, more kindness, more compassion, etc.  

Trust me, your horse will notice a difference in you, and you will notice a difference in yourself and as well as your relationships.

What to expect...

I want to give you simple strategies that I've learned for using meditation to connect more fully with your horse, but I also want to help you create lifelong habits that you will be able to maintain over time to experience more health, wellness, and vitality in your own life.

Self-care is so important!  When we spend so much time taking care of others, we need to also remember to take time to care for ourselves.  

I offer exercises, practices, resources, support, accountability, and encouragement through coaching sessions and check-ins to ensure that you will see results.

I also offer a free 15-minutes phone consultation as a way for us to get to know one another and determine if we are a good fit for working together.

To book a session either at my ranch or on the phone, click the link below.

My Fees

  • In-person or remote consultations including an individualized plan for you and your horse - 1.5 hours $150 *

  • Follow-up – 1 hour $60 *

  • Training kids and big people at the farm – 1 hour $60 

  • Parents’ Guide to Horses phone, video or in-person consultations – 30 min $40 or 1 hour $60 *

  • Workshops and Clinics - Variable

* Travel fees may apply.

Payments paid in advance via Venmo or PayPal. Please let me know if this is an issue.


"My ten-year-old son came to Kendra feeling stressed out, discouraged by his schoolwork, and interested in little more than video games.  But over the months he's spent working with Kendra and the horses, I've watched a magical transformation take place:  his frustration and disinterest have been replaced by a new sense of calm and purpose.  Not only has my son learned valuable horsemanship skills with Kendra and Red, but he's also benefited greatly from the therapeutic aspect of caring for the horses.  Kendra is knowledgeable, encouraging, and incredibly patient.  She carefully tailors each session to my son's skill level, so that he feels challenged but never pushed.  And amazingly, the horses are equally sensitive to my son's needs.  They are intuitive guides who nudge my son toward becoming a confident leader in all that they do.  As my son's groundwork improves, his faith in his own ability soars.  It's been wonderful to watch him realize that he can succeed and form meaningful relationships -- with horses and people alike."

- Meg Reese, Client