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A Mindful Horse Halter

Updated: Mar 9

Let's talk horse halters!! So Important to have "Mindful" horse equipment that considers the horses' comfort and also establishes workability. Yes in a perfect world we would not need a halter, but if we're not there yet, here are my suggestions...

For years there have been mainly 4 kinds of halters. I have my favorites that I find best for the horse in mind.

The Best Halter I've found so far is the Knot-Free Rope Halter from Cashel. Love the no knots, nice and soft for the delicate horse face. It's light and made of good quality rope braid. As of now it only comes in Black and White. ( one of my buddies suggested dying it either all black or the white parts can be dyed a different color) Here my horse Cream is modeling her favorite halter! (Not the best pic of her, I am photographically challenged unfortunately.)

Then there's what is called a Flat Plaited Noseband Halter in which I find nice and soft, but a bit too lightweight to go with a nice substantial leadrope, although I would not rule this out! I bought this one a few years back. I love how nice and soft it is. It does run big, fits a normal size horse or even a bit larger, so it does not fit my 2 ponies, one in pic above. A leadrope comes with it, but I do not like to leave a lead rope on without some kind of an attachment.

The knots on typical rope halters I find to be intrusive on a horse for their faces are very sensitive. If we are working with our horses in a light, consistent way that makes sense to the horse these kinds of halters I find unnecessary. Web halters seem a bit heavy on the horses' head. Then they developed the hybrid halter, web/leather with knots, again I find the knots unnecessary.

(Leather Halters I do believe are another good option. I have not done my research on this as of yet on finding a really soft one. I like the way they will break away if a horse gets into trouble.)

Click here to learn more about the cashel knotless halter product here!

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