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My Mission

Hi, my name is Kendra. 

I spent my Covid time well, I went to school and I'm now an Equine Behavior Consultant through the IAABC, practicing LIMA (least invasive minimally aversive). I'm here to share with you all I have come to know about Recognizing Horse Behavior, Compassionate Horse Care, Equine Enrichment, Equine Behavior Modification, Shaping Plans, and more. 

After years of working with horses and repeatedly witnessing many of the harmful customary practices, my desire is to provide insight, skills, and teaching on how to better serve our equines!


When the horse is comfortable and happy a true friendship and bond can develop between you and your horse.

In addition, my blogs will offer a wealth of information for horse lovers young and old and parents of horse loving kids. 

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Training our Equine Friends and Ourselves


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Whether your child wants to gain companionship & friendship with a horse, or take riding lessons, finding the right trainer is crucial for a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with horses. 

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The Mindful Horse Companion Blog


"My ten-year-old son came to Kendra feeling stressed out, discouraged by his schoolwork, and interested in little more than video games.  But over the months he's spent working with Kendra and the horses, I've watched a magical transformation take place:  his frustration and disinterest have been replaced by a new sense of calm and purpose.  Not only has my son learned valuable horsemanship skills with Kendra and Red, but he's also benefited greatly from the therapeutic aspect of caring for the horses.  Kendra is knowledgeable, encouraging, and incredibly patient.  She carefully tailors each session to my son's skill level, so that he feels challenged but never pushed.  And amazingly, the horses are equally sensitive to my son's needs.  They are intuitive guides who nudge my son toward becoming a confident leader in all that they do.  As my son's groundwork improves, his faith in his own ability soars.  It's been wonderful to watch him realize that he can succeed and form meaningful relationships -- with horses and people alike."

- Meg Reese, Client